Your element: Air


Your ruling planets: Uranus


Symbol: The Water Bearer


Your Stone: Amethyst


Life Pursuit: To understand life’s mysteries


Vibration: High frequency




Aquarius is intellectually outstanding, emotionally aloof and always unpredictable. Ruled by Uranus, planet of initiative and originality, electricity and eccentricity, you have great awareness of the future. Quirky I more ways than can be counted. Aquarius is decidedly different. The last of the air signs, you rely, like Gemini and Libra, on your mind first and foremost.


Freedom, equity and liberty are your goals. Aquarius is rally something special and decidedly different. Not only are you complicated, but often you provide no access and, rather like a one-way mirror, you are able to look out at the world and analyse what you see, but you rarely reveal your innermost secrets and mysteries. An offbeat sense of humour endears you to others, especially free souls with independent spirits. You may be avantgarde, outspoken and somewhat bizarre, but you are nevertheless a seeker of truth in the grand manner. N one delves and searches and reasons a much as Aquarius, a rebel and a reformer.


Being objective means you can stand back from situations and assess them without being emotional. This is a rare talent indeed for detachment can often mean seeing the truth clearly. An original thinker, both ingenious and inventive, the progressive Aquarian can change the thinking of the world. Throwing new light n old problems is your forte and to do this you need plenty of freedom of expression and space to manoeuvre.


The future is your fascination ad the past rarely interest you. For you are the experimenter and innovator, full of sudden flashes of insight and intuition, visions and telepathic communication about the future. Many Aquarians are simply years ahead of their time and adopt a futuristic life style, making demands for freedom as well as privacy and becoming involved in groups rather than with one lifelong partner.


Many Aquarians are psychic and can develop telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience with ease. Relying in your own mental power to stimulate and guide, you are often proficient in the use of magic and are fascinated by metaphysics being gifted both in foreseeing and in creating a more civilized future, you are truly a visionary of the New Age.


A better friend than a lover for the most part, you seek equality in all things and have a softly aggressive sparkle which charms those around you. Full of surprises and contractions, you live in many different parts of your mind. Honesty, curiosity and friendliness are some of your finest and most admirable traits. All that is needed to be added to this is warmth and closeness, for when you have that you are indeed the perfect partner and soul mate.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. Aquarius