Your element: Fire


Your ruling planets: Mars


Symbol: The Ram


Your Stone: Ruby


Life Pursuit: Excitement


Vibration: Vital




The Ram symbol of your sign. Aries are born in spring time and ruled by Mars planet of strength and energy. It is the mycological god of war, a fiery temperament blows hot and cold but is always enduring. Aires have a strong strength of will like a plant pushing through hard ground knowing it has to survive or die. You have powerful energy but little patience and you can be very head strong.


Mars makes you move forward and Arians must win with such a competitive sprit it is not easy for Aires to loose. At times you can be right the rebel only when you feel you have not won you can taste failure. But with such a competitive spirit it is not also easy to get to know you. You see life’s quest as a series of knew starts and you believe you can always start again. Perhaps its times for the eternal optimist to learn some lessons about patience, tact and understanding.


You are affront runner and you tend to take as much as possible of what you need whether its love, friendship or money. Aires believes god helps those who help them selves. You can be the most dynamic and exciting person around for you are a free spirit and can believe that a new world is about to be drawn and perhaps it is.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. Aries