Your element: Water


Your ruling planets: The Moon


Symbol: The Crab


Your Stone: Moonstone


Life Pursuit: Constant reassurance and intimacy


Vibration: Moody




Cancer is the first of the water signs and can be linked to a whirlpool rather than a smooth- flowing stream, for Cancer draws things to themselves, this is further emphasised by your symbol of Crab. The gasping claws of the Crab show that you draw what you need to you and when you have it you seldom let it go.


Being a water sign you are highly emotional and tend to feel rather than think, relying on your intuition and need self-expression and an outlet for your abundant creativity and imagination. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is concerned with food, shelter and children and all basics of human survival. Negatively this can lead to extreme possessiveness and by your undoing, for your selfishness knows no bounds. You seek possessions and tend to collect things squirrels storing up nuts for a rainy day. Cancer’s tenacity means that you need to own them and keep them. As a water sign you are probably more instinctively aware.


Possessions weigh you down, whether material or emotional, and it is only when you can develop a wider view and release the need to clutch everything to yourself and call it specially you own that you can grow in spirit. The twenty-first century fails to excite you and the space age is not something you readily grasp. It is the old values and the old life styles that appeal and you go to great lengths to preserve family traditions, habits and rituals.


Sensitive and caring with the ability to follow your instincts, you fell intensely, and have strong gut reactions. Nearly always psychic, you make marvellous mediums and are capable of visions, telepathic communication and clairvoyance. When the world becomes too harsh Cancer withdraws into their hard shell and simply waits until the situation has changed.


Shutting out the cares of the world does not mean that they go away, however, and often only by facing our challenges do we grow in spirit. Because you are ruled by the moon your moods fluctuate almost as often as the moon cycles, which change every two and a half days. It is not surprising that you are known as a moody sign and that friends and loved ones never know exactly how you are going to react. Yet they can be sure of one thing and that’s your protective nourishing instinct, for yours is the sign that’s concerned with birth and nurturing and your understand the rhythms and cycles of nature.


The mysterious moon gives you the ability for true inspiration and your creative talents can go beyond this world. Blessed with clear vision and a memory capable of total recall, you can literally make your dreams come true. What you want you will get and if it is not today, then surely it will be tomorrow.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. Cancer