Your element: Earth


Your ruling planets: Saturn


Symbol: The Goat


Your Stone: Garnet


Life Pursuit: Pride in self & work achievements


Vibration: Powerful resilient energy




The goat is a scholarly intellectual sign, which produces deep thinkers and philosophers. They are social climbers, and will be noted at gathering of the upper income brackets. They’re methodical in their action; they also have a thirst for knowledge which must be satisfied. The Saturnian are excellent organizers and think through their ideas in solitude. They are aware of there psychic powers and do not divulge their knowledge for fear of being ridiculed. They have a certain seriousness which tends to be morbid.


The Capricorn admires success, and once attaining a certain amount, will strive beyond the mountain peak up into the clouds. He is agile in his footing, and careful to avoid any pitfalls. He plods ahead never deviating to attain his goal. The Saturnian respects the wisdom of the sage. They are worried about criticism and opposition to their thoughts and ideas, and must be able to handle it more adeptly by patience. A Capricorn is centrally oriented to gain further advancement. They are economical in financial matters but tend to share whatever they possess with others.


Their business sense is exceptional; they make good managers, bookkeepers, superintendents, and accountants. Professionally, their knowledge enables them to make excellent lawyers, teachers, and lecturers. The Capricorn is a born romantic, but curbs his nature by discipline. His mannerisms might be brusque and might startle one with an unusual sense of humour. They thrive on compliments, although he’ll never let you know it. He’ll be embarrassed when he receives a flattering remark, and try to hide it by joking or ignoring it altogether.


A Capricorn woman seeks both career and marriage, but uppermost security. Both sexes have artistic abilities along writing, painting or composing music. He is a leader in his own right, and will emerge as such if he proceeds with caution. He has a gentle heart and is a protector with his tough exterior.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader.  Capricorn