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That Reading Broke My Heart !

 28th November  2020

Hi Gina, that reading broke my heart but it was what I needed to hear. Thank you so much.



It Was Absalutely Brilliant !

 21st November  2020

Thank you Gina for my telephone reading on Saturday 21st November. It was absolutely brilliant Gina. You are an amazing lady.

J x

Thank You So Much !

 21st November  2020

Thank you so much Gina,it was so very very comforting, meaningful. Thank you again.

L x

A Fabulous Reading !

 3rd November  2020

Thank you so much for a fabulous reading. So great for my Mam to be so strong and my friend who is not long in spirit. Thank you.

P x

It Is Incredible How Accurate You Are !

 September 2020

Hi Gina – just wanted to give you an update. I have been offered new job and will be starting as you said October to November Autumn time. It is incredible how accurate you are.

D.B. xr

This Woman Is Truly Gifted ...

19th October 2020


Just had a reading from Gina and as always she was spot on. She gave me some names in my previous reading for a man that was coming into my life.. she gave me John and Vince.. John was his profile name as it was the first time he had tried online dating but he quickly told me his real name was Vince!

Gina has done a few readings for me over the years and she has never been wrong. This reading, she picked up that I am going into a caring career. I am halfway through my assessment to be a foster carer. This woman is truly gifted, she wants the best for everyone and is always reassuring in her readings. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. The details she gives are astonishing. She is amazing.

R x