Your element: Fire


Your ruling planets: The Sun


Symbol: The Lion


Your Stone: Peridot


Life Pursuit: To lead the way


Vibration: Radiant energy




Leo is the sign of life. Ruled by the sun, the heart of the solar system, Leo also rules matters of the heart. All fire signs intensify the emotions and Leo intensifies the love nature, loving life in all its aspects. You love to be at the centre of your own world, very much like the sun is the centre of our solar system. No one can act like Leo.


Leo walks larger than life and cannot fail to stand out in a crowd for you walk tall, if walking is the word. Like the lion, the king of the beasts, the symbol of your sign, you slink in a feline manner, well aware of your heritage. For here is a noble soul, dignified, proud ad royal. Few Leos are reclusive and retiring, for you need and audience and you need applause. The bigger the audience and bigger the applause, the more you like it, for yours is a colourful and dramatic existence, full of flamboyant happenings and spectacular events.


Leo, and pamper and court your loved one with such style ad magnificence, you often forget to listen to their troubles and are often insensitive to their needs. Only by being able to receive love and developing sympathy for those less well off than yourself can you find the balance that you need in your soul.


Although, like all fire signs, you desire to dominate and to take the lead at every opportunity, some may call these protective instincts, admirable qualities. No one has magnetism like Leo, the sheer warmth of your personality and the generosity of your kindly and noble spirit can warm anyone’s heart.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. www.angelsinmyear.com Leo