Your element: Air


Your ruling planets: Venus


Symbol: The Scales


Your Stone: Opals


Life Pursuit: To be consistent


Vibration: Unsteady




Libra is the first sign of autumn. Like Taurus, it is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty and from Venus comes instinctive good taste and a strong aesthetic sense which is often combined with an appreciation of luxury and good living. Libra is as changeable as the autumn weather varying from being highly volatile calmness as you search for inner identity and inner peace.


Your symbol of the scales o balance symbolizes human justice and cooperation and Libra is primarily concerned with partnerships and marriage. No one wants to please all people all of the time as much as Libra, yet this is often difficult as your inconsistent energy swings from one extreme to the other in fits and starts. This is shown particularly in your urge to splurge, for you will spend money emotionally, lurching from plenty of it to none at all, time and time again.


The centre of the zodiac circle, no one enjoys the company of others as much as you do. You have charismatic, gentle and quite approach to others that is always pleasing. No one is as fair-minded, as reasonable and judicious as Libra for it is in your nature to see both sides of an argument and weigh u the pos and cons. This often makes you appear indecisive, but you feel you are just taking your time. Libra loves to love and be loved. You’re probably the most courteous and the most loved, having many friends and few enemies.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. Libra