Your element: Water


Your ruling planets: Neptune


Symbol: The Fish


Your Stone: Bloodstone


Life Pursuit: To teach others on sense of love


Vibration: Sensitive energy




The Neptune person is unselfish and unsure of his potential. They are very cautions when they plan for future events or anything to arouse his temper. A Piscean likes to hide in a dream world where there’s no strife or unrest. The Pisces person dislikes competition, they’re naturally timid souls. If they learn to hide their fears and project, they become fine actors and actress.


The Pisces person has a devout feeling for their friends, and support causes that might even be lost. They have an optimism that spills over to others, and buoys their confidence. There is mysticism about a Pisces that is unfathomable, and they can foresee event that might be disastrous therefore they send out an alarm to those who will listen and make them aware of future events. He might tell you not to take a trip because the motor will give out in a plane and you had better heed his or her warnings.


A Pisces person reflects all the attributes of the other sun signs before him, but excels in only one which is to foresee the future, the past and the present as a whole and objectively. His compassion knows no giving second thought to their own inner needs. Their deep wisdom is imparted to dear ones free, and they exert their energies in adding other without compensation. To hide their own sorrow they use humour as a concealed weapon, and Pisceans excel in practical jokes. He handles every phase of humour like a professional. They pick professions like nursing, or become nuns or priest, because their inner desire is to serve mankind.


They are one of the world’s greatest artists whether in poetry, painting like a Michelangelo, or music like a Chopin, who are Pisces. Their love envelopes all humanity as well as the Earth’s creatures. He has an imagination that could lead him to greatness and immortality if harnessed that could directed toward an inner goal, and takes advantage of opportunity when it appear. If he swims upstream and continually battles, he’ll become outstanding in whatever his chosen profession.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. www.angelsinmyear.com Pisces