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Archangels will hear us whenever we call

Angels In My Ear - Gina Challis (Psychic Gina) -

Archangels will hear us whenever we call.

They're waiting to catch us, should we ever fall.

Chamuel will help us with unconditional love,

and surround us with confidence from heaven above.

Rapheal will tend to our pain and hurt feelings,

and wrap us up warm with angelic healing.

Michael, the protector, will go to all lengths,

to give us our freedom, and courage, and strength.

Gabriiel and Haniel, will help us with self care,

While Azraels comfort will always be there.

Ariel will show us the means to provide;

during change Jeremial will be by our side.

Raguel will bring harmony to family affairs,

and find you solutions, so all turns out fair.

Uriel is there to help and inspire,

Raziel will raise your awareness far higher.

When you need to forgive, for your own piece of mind,

Zadkiel is the angel to help you, you'll find.

Metatron will help to spur you to prove,

that you have it within you, to make the right move.

If you're looking to find 'that happy ever after,'

ask Jophiel to bring you some fun, joy and laughter.

Sandalphon will listen and carry your prayers,

to heaven - as all the angels are waiting right there.

Gina Challis

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