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An Insight Into The 21 Major Tarot Cards I Use

Every week I will give instruction to the meaning of each major tarot card in the Thoth deck. There are 21 major cards in this deck. Starting with The Fool.

The Fool is breath, the essence of life. As the life-breath, the Fool represents the spirit, whole and forever young. In the spirit of life, the Fool is spring green, the beginner. The Fool leaps foolishly into the unknown but lands on his feet because of his trust in the universe. Every moment for the Fool is zero, a new moment. For the Fool, living in the present, the mundane becomes mystical and adventurous.


Number 0: Wholeness; Spirit; Infinite; Omnipresent; Intangible; Formless.

Planet Uranus: Radical; Revlutionary; 'Far out.'

Zodiac Universe: Universal.

Element Air: 'Up in the air'; Ethereal; Breath of fresh air; Lungs; Aerobics.

Kabbalah Letter Aleph: Air of Breath; Prana (the life-breath); Spiritus; Original life-power.


Green Body: Re-creative; Spring energy.

Open eyes: Curiosity; Awareness.

Horns: Devilish; Fun-loving; Pan or Dionysian pleasures.

Crystal light atop head: Inspired.

Fire in hand: Purification; Cleansing.

Crystal in hand: Visionary.

Leaping in air: 'Leap of faith'; Leap into the unkown.

Boots with soles of fire: Follows the spirit, the inner light.

Breast: Feminine; Androgynous.

Dove: Love; Compassion.

Vulture: Cleaning up; Resolving.

Butterfly: Metamorphosis.

Caduceus: Healer.

Arrow: 'Hits the mark'; Sagittarius.

Tiger: Fearlessness.

Children: Childlike.

Flowers: Union of the mind, body, and spirit.

Rainbow: Emanates light and joy.

Grapes and coins: Material abundance.

Crocodile: Fecundity; Devours the past.

Sun disk: Sexuality.

Circles: Evolving; Revolving; New cycles.

Falling Leaf: Letting go; Trust.


Mental: Stimulating; Creative.

Emotional: Vital; Expressive.

Physical: Energetic; Healthy.

Worldly: Unconventional; Original; Inventive; Impractical; Beginner; Unworldly.

Spiritual: Intuitive; Spiritual.


Irresponsible; Unrealistic; Impractical; Misplaced; Scattered; Misunderstood; Crazy; Misfit; Unbalanced; Foolish.

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