Your June 22nd - July 22nd Horoscope


Love: 9th July | Money: 23rd July | Work: 27th July

What will make you feel good?

Get things straight with those who are most important to you. That’s where your happiness will be found but there are other good things going on. Your sign is blessed with Venus and Mars makes an appearance in your house of enjoyment – all good news – perhaps your general health and attitude will get a boost or an alteration in your appearance or even some unexpected romantic opportunities.


Love: 18th July | Money 30th July | Work 19th July

What will make you feel good?

What will make you feel good? It’s going to be a good time, your natural outgoing soul will emphasise family and friendship ties. Venus is moving in your sign and Mercury brings fun and excitement. Enjoy the sun and be happy to be a Leo.


Love: 23rd July | Money: 11th July | Work 25th July

What will make you feel good?

This might be a difficult month for you but using your creative talents in a hobby or a project will divert you and allow some relief. A period of self contemplation will help you clarify your emotions and give you composure.