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Your June 22nd - July 22nd Horoscope


Love: 9th July | Money: 23rd July | Work: 27th July

What will make you feel good?

Get things straight with those who are most important to you. That’s where your happiness will be found but there are other good things going on. Your sign is blessed with Venus and Mars makes an appearance in your house of enjoyment – all good news – perhaps your general health and attitude will get a boost or an alteration in your appearance or even some unexpected romantic opportunities.


Love: 18th July | Money 30th July | Work 19th July

What will make you feel good?

What will make you feel good? It’s going to be a good time, your natural outgoing soul will emphasise family and friendship ties. Venus is moving in your sign and Mercury brings fun and excitement. Enjoy the sun and be happy to be a Leo.


Love: 23rd July | Money: 11th July | Work 25th July

What will make you feel good?

This might be a difficult month for you but using your creative talents in a hobby or a project will divert you and allow some relief. A period of self contemplation will help you clarify your emotions and give you composure.


Love 27th July | Money 1st July | Work 5th July

What will make you feel good?

Some subjects may seem prickly this month and may be represented in some straight talking but you will feel energised by the realisation that you get results by standing up for yourself. You will have the opportunity to make changes and find happiness through doing so.


Love: 24th July | Money: 17th July | Work: 22nd July

What will make you feel good?

Recently you have been working too hard. Make some space for yourself – take some time out to think about your next steps and to keep the promises you have made to those close to you. Enjoy what is around you.


Love: 15th July | Money: 20th July | Work: 13th July

What will make you feel good?

You have so much energy this month and it is accompanied by good luck which will remind you that, if you put your mind to it, the world can be your oyster. Drive ahead and you’ll end up smiling.


Love: 4th July | Money: 26th | Work: 11th July

What will make you feel good?

You know what you do and what you are capable of but you’re not always appreciated. You would like to be recognised a little more and this month you will be. Enjoy it.


Love: 14th July | Money: 24th July | Work: 3rd July

What will make you feel good?

You like to dissect situations and people and to keep your edge. You will have a problem to address and solve possibly about money or work. You will solve it and find the person responsible.


Love: 14th July | Money: 28th July | Work: 16th July

What will make you feel good?

When things are good it is easy to go along for the ride but remember it is important not to panic if things start to turn for the worse. Stay calm and keep your sights on the end goal because you will get thee in the end.


Love: 14th July | Money: 1st July | Work: 20th July

What will make you feel good?

Mini crises involving friends or family will put a knowing smile on your face. It is all part of life. Your particular sense of humour will see you through and enable you to laugh at peoples exaggerated concerns about day to day life.


Love: 2nd July | Money: 17th July | Work: 24th July

What will make you feel good?

At times you are very involved with family, friends or work make’s lives and problems. Relax, let things flow, contentment comes from participating but at the same time not becoming totally involved. Be yourself and this will bring happiness.


Love: 16th July | Money: 4th July | Work: 25th July

What will make you feel good?

You are a natural with words and this is a skill you can turn to your advantage in both relationships and career. You may receive an offer for a speaking engagement or some other form of involvement with the communication business. Don’t pass it by, it will bring happiness.

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