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Butterflies - Gina Challis

A butterfly transfigures from a caterpillar via a restricting chrysalis.

The caterpillar is a veracious consumer, but transforms into an almost

ethereal creature sustained by nectar.

This can be taken to represent our own journey from grossness to spirituality

moving on from avid consumerism of information and experiences to a more

spiritual and advanced condition.

The butterfly uses its own strength and wings to emerge from the chrysalis and

to achieve its final, perfect form without assistance, were we to interfere. The butterfly

might not reach that final perfect symmetry .

Butterflies - Gina Challis

Similarly the angels look over us and will us to succeed in our spiritual journey, but they

can t do it for us. they will support us in our development, but we have to overcome

our own limitations. Only by opening our hearts and minds to SPIRIT and transforming ourselves from the mundane to a higher state of being, will we be able to emulate the butterfly and spread our own wings to fly.

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