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How To Read Your Messages From The Cards

Hi all, here is a little post on how to read messages from your Tarot and Angel Cards, I hope it inspires you and you enjoy learning more.

1. Remember trust your intuition and allow the messages to step forward. Read each card you turn over, look at the picture and don't be afraid to say what you see.

You may wish to read the message in the book. This is so valuable as these messages can be so comforting and will help you to understand each card,

2. Sometimes more cards are needed to clarify the messages so if your intuition calls another card forward allow yourself to pick it out and if you feel you have to continue, you choose another card.

If jumper cards fall out of the pack acknowledge them they are just as important.

See if a story builds up, the message will often mean more to the person being read for than the reader.

You can develop open dialogue with the tarot and angel cards. I sometimes have conversations with them through the cards. Often they all send pictures into your head or peoples faces to run alongside the story. Honour your intuition and trust your inner wisdom.

If reading for someone else please be respectful If something brings up emotions for them honour them and gently hold their space and listen with respect.

If the card is faced upside down or falls that way look closely as this is normally the angels way of saying this area is blocked or has obstacles which require clearing.

Card Protection and Sharing Cards

When you finish with the cards store them safely. Wrap them in a fabric or a ribbon. Place a crystal over them. Treat them as you would a best friend. They will hold your personal vibration, your signature.

If you allow others to use then cards it is your choice. Oracle packs can flow between people but must be given with honour and loving intent.

When you have given a reading with others it is important to clear the cords.

Two quick simple ways are:

1. Reiki hand movement and send the energy to the violent flame.

2. "I now honourably cut the cords between us in this sacred space, and so it is".

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