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Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Your Year Ahead

Saturn continues to work your financial dealings, and he's not known for his generosity, but if any planet is going to work things out for you on the money front, this is the one! He's a tough taskmaster, and all the way through December 2017, he'll be reminding you to stick to the plan, to watch your spending and create a greater income.

This control of your finances will help when Jupiter makes his way into your sign for his once-every-12-years visit from 11 October 2017. As your money ruler, one of his traits is up to the numbers in the income column. His influence also means you'll tempted to indulge yourself a little more - but don't overdo things.

Prior to his shift next October, he's working in your spiritual sky, helping you find new ways to learn or teach. New experiences are happening so you can see another way of working, making it your own. They're likely to include the written word, which will help you to get you point across. Fed by Jupiter's station in your subconscious, this could be a breakthrough year for writers.

Love planet venus is in reverse from the 4th March to 15th April, a time to review your love life and for you to work with her on that. Notice the prompts - a slowing down on the romantic front, or a feeling that old habits are returning, and not in a good way. New love is likely to come through work related activities, lust among the staplers? Perhaps.

Your Red Letter Month - February 2017

February is perfect for new projects, but get in early because after the 7th Jupiter will be moving gin reverse, making some tasks more arduous than you'd like. Use the power of Jupiter up until then, and anything you do start will make money. From 18th, the sun is in your fun-time sky, a new rem once could be one of those enjoyable activities.

There are two eclipses in February. The luna one of the 11th urges you to prepare for changes on the professional front - these may come as a surprise, but it's what you do with them that matters. It could be exciting if you're brave enough to grasp events with both hands.

The solar eclipse on the 26th is gentler, and it's influence is felt through children's choices and a perhaps a need for more family time. It's also about career for you, too - because the sun is your professional ruler except some revelations or scandal.

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