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Have you ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days...

When everything seems to go wrong and you feel like you're going round and round in circles only to find that you're back to where you started.

Yesterday I left my office, went shopping - for Christmas - lots of bags over my arm, I arrived at the car park, put the bags into the car and drove towards home. I left my phone on top of the car when I was putting all the bags into the car and drove away having forgotten about it.

I had to then do a little bit of shopping at Morrison's when I looked in my bag and found I had no phone. PANIC!

I remember someone telling me that you could track your phone so off I go to the Vodafone shop but the shutters were half way down and so I began to crawl under them but I was told that the shop was closed and I had to go to the Eldon square phone shop.

When I got to the next phone shop I was told that they couldn't track phones and I had to go to the Apple shop. So there I went and luckily I was shown how to track my phone. The man said that the phone was on Scotswood Road and was stationary.

I then came home and had another look at the tracking, the phone was still in the same place. I went out with a torch and a sweeping brush - don't ask - to attempt to find the phone. It was dark, cold and windy but a miracle happened and as I kept ringing the phone and followed the tracking I finally found the phone on the road. Which was completely cracked but working. Hooray!

This morning, however, the phone was on the kitchen bench and I accidentally knocked the phone with a tea towel and the phone completely broke. The screen was know impossible to use and I could not answer any calls.

After using google to search for a phone shop that would be able to help, I found Phone Hub in Sheilds Road, Byker, where I was able to take my phone in the same day and get it back within an hour. Thank you to them!

My phone is now wrapped in cotton wool and I'm almost scared to use it.

Just one of those days!

Have you ever had one of those days...?

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