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Sagittarius - Your Year Ahead

Last year your home and family life were affected by your professional circumstances, and that dynamic eases in 2017. But there could be financial questions between you and a parent or loved one that need to be answered , in which case approach them with sensitivity and leave plenty of room for listening as well as talking.

A solar eclipse on 26th February occurs in your family sky and it connects to Neptune, who's resident there, suggesting you may need to be more patient with family members as they go through big changes in their lives.

Until 29th April your career focus comes from deep within. That's no bad thing as being so focused creates it's own success, and you feel such a link whatever you're trying to create. Don't forget to balance and family life better than you did in 2016.

Your love life isn't a place of powerful planets, but remember swift Mercury and his rulership of all your relationships. This means it won't be too dull, nor will it be a landmark year for love. To be fair, this is no bad thing because it will afford you the chance to have fun without feeling you're supposed to be in love even when you really don't want to be be.

May and June are the best the best months for commitment, shifting to March and April for those who aren't ready for any of that yet.

Saturn leaves you in December, giving you the time and space to turn your effects towards making serious money - and all because you've met ground rules in so many areas of your life.

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