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Sagittarius - Your Red Letter Month

During this month, you'll be in the midst of a career peak that's taken it's time getting to you, and after the frantic activity in this part of your chart around this time in 2016 it may have felt a bit flat for much of 2017. Here's an opportunity as your professional life is busier than ever. Mars will join you from the 5th, and as a social planet, he's likely to help you meet people who want to hear all about your creative projects and plans for your business or for theirs.

Venus is in from the 20th, introducing you to those who can engage with you one to one, helping you to not only look the part but reminding you of unique skills you'll bring to a new role.

Mercury makes a new romance very obvious this month, too, and if you sometimes find yourself wondering if you should ask someone out but usually back off in case it's not a great outcome, there's no such worry here!

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