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You're asked to go out and investigate your own future this year. Make sure you're on the right path and if not, determine where you'd like to go.

Jupiter is your main man and until June, he may be setting up challenges that could frustrate you. For example, you may be head over heels with someone, but they aren't feeling it and it doesn't work out. Shame. Then you see them in a few months and realise you had a lucky escape!

Good things can come from difficult circumstances, at home or at work, and you begin to see how the path is sometimes clear and sometimes hidden.

June is a good month for new romance - if you're looking for one, that is! If you're seeking to turn an existing one into something more formal, it's August when the sun shines on long-term relationships.

Your career really takes off in October but remember, that will last for a whole year and as you move into 2018, you're on course for some amazing things - even better than in 2017. Uranus, your ruler, is out of Aries in your next solar return, so power up projects that involve communications now. He's moving in May 2018.

In late April, you could be faced with some tough talking from a family member who wants to set up his or her own path for the coming years. They're likely to be older and you may not agree with their choices, but there is some wiggle room if you pay attention.

Money schemes will be presented in March. Until then remind yourself that you're one of the most inquisitive signs of the zodiac - and live up to the title! There will either be room for improvement or you may need to walk away completely.

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