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19 February - 20th March

Your Year Ahead

How do you fancy a year of international travel, five star holidays maybe, and how about some luxury luggage thrown in too? Well perhaps the planets can't promise all that, but Jupiter can say that from October he is going to haul himself out of his money orientated bunk and into some good luck, with old fashioned fortunate omens and highly beneficial events surrounding you.

It will make a change after what may have seemed like an eternity sorting money issues, as well as sitting through unexpected events that have bubbled up in your life.

You're also transforming your physical body, by the look of things, maybe sticking to that diet. Going to the gym or taking an exercise class. By the time you are ready to get into that expensive swimwear you've had your eye on for ages, you'll look absolutely amazing!

Helping with finances is the continued support of Saturn at the top of your chart he has the ability to bolster any career shift you make with another layer of opportunity, so you may find you go after one job and come out with another, a higher paid one.

You may shift position a couple of times this year but if you do it under the super plan you and Saturn have concocted it will work very well for you.

Family and domestic matters are reasonably quiet, with your busiest times likely to be in May and June. You'll find your love life is calmer than last year, is that a good thing? Single sort have an open field, it's down to you what game play you put on, but you're busiest season is July. You can find friends thiner on the ground as the year moves on, but the quality is higher, in other words the fair-weather sorts are seeking the sun shine somewhere else, but those who know how to offer true support and shelter will stick around good.

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