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Celestial Symbols Explained

Celestial Symbols Explained by Gina Challis

This month, let us look at the meaning of mountains.

Mountains symbolise a deep spiritual association with the masculine power of the divine, while gentler undulating hills have a much more feminine energy and symbolism.

Ancient profits would clime mountains to reach a spiritual place, where they could connect to God and receive commandments and prophecies

Mountains are awesome, exciting, often hard to climb, can be snow capped or have their head crowned by clouds.

When we aspire to reach the top of a mountain, the joy and wonder of the view, and the satisfaction of achieving the climb, is exhilarating.

When the angels take you to the top of a mountain in your meditations, they are probably showing you, that even though you seem to be facing several challenges on a ground level, from their higher perspective, the view is beautiful and clear.


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