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Setting Your Soul Free !

Set Your Soul Free - Gina Challis


Call on the power of the angels to help you sever negative energy cords and move forward on your path...

Call on Archangel Michael and find a quiet place. Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and relax.

Say out-loud "I'm cutting the chords of unhealthy attachment for my highest good."

Close your eyes and see the other person or situation in front of you. Feel the cord or imagine a thick rope, knotted string or even wire. This is the unhealthy energy that ties you together.

Say out-loud, "Archangel Michael I call upon you to help me let go of any cords that no-longer serve my higher purpose. Surround me with healing light to protect me from future negative attachments"

Imagine Archangel Michael surrounded by blue light, a colour of courage and protection. Cutting the cord in two with his sword, imagine feeling a lightness when this happens.

Now thank him and know the tie is broken, and you are free

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