Your element: Water


Your ruling planets: Pluto


Symbol: The Scorpion


Your Stone: Topaz


Life Pursuit: Resilient & strong survival


Vibration: Resilient




Pluto, the governing planet, provides the power to surmount all obstades. He has a fearless nature guided with self-control and confidence. His piercing eyes can see right through you and he can out-stare you. He comes in many disguises and his Pluto nature is designed to hide his inner feelings, he has perfect control over his emotions. They are blunt and will tell you the truth, if you ask them, they’re natural fighters. If they pour their energies into good causes, they rise to great heights, but they are arrogant and sometimes domineering.


Treasure any platitudes you receive from a Scorpio, for their compliments are few and far between. They recall an injustice like an elephant, and will take revenge in the form of utter destruction, but if he is befriended he’ll remember this to his dying day. They have an intense interest in religion, and ambitions, and moves at the most propitious moment to achieve success in whatever endeavour he undertakes. They make excellent surgeons, and are capable of healing both the mind and body with their secret knowledge. He can become a great composer, write literature that is lasting, or act with great depth. He can become a great politician, or be just as agile at tending a bar. He has many faces that make up his unique personality.


In business they rage from branch managers to heads of industry, they are the sign of the future. They have a deep passion about life, work, friendship, politics as well as romantic interests. He has a philosophical nature, and intellectual one. A woman can never dictate to a Scorpio man. A Scorpio woman secretly would like to be a man because it’s less restrictive. She will magnetize a male with her perfume, and has many secret weapons that entice the opposite sex. She’ll be a helpmate to her husband instead of overshadowing him with her powers. They have mystic powers, where in Pluto turns their desire into reality.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. Scorpio