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A Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are used for physic readings. Through practice and meditation we can all learn to read the Tarot. Reading the tarot is a combination of knowing the literal meanings of the cards and of applying this knowledge to the individual person and situation. You naturally select from the possible meanings the interpretation that feels most appropriate. You can ask the tarot any question: specific or general; past, present or future; for yourself or others; and for inner-self issues or material fortunes. 


What is Tarot?

Tarot is explained by its name, 'tarot,' an ancient Egyption word for 'royal road.' The royal road means the path to the top, to self-mastery.

An anagram of tarot is 'rota', meaning the wheel. Tarot is like a wheel, a tool that takes you on the royal road. Similar to the word for the ancient Hebrew sacred text, the Torah, tarot reveals the universal principles of life that we must travel to reach our destiny. The destiny of the royal road of tarot is totality, suggested by another anagram of tarot, 'tota.' Totality, similar to wholeness symbolised by the wheel, means living fully our human attributes and manifesting our individual talents. The tarot is a symbolic guide to self-realisation, a vehicle that helps us evolve.


Major Arcana Cards (Shown above)

The Major Arcana cards are the most important and complex cards in the tarot. They are associated with astrological signs, natural elements, Kabbalah letters, numbers, and mythological figures. These cards contain a great variety of individual symbols including animals, minerals, vegetables, tools, artifacts, and colours. (Select any card above and see explanations about their contents)

Major Arcanas are personality archetypes, meaning universal personality types that cross cultures and ages. Each of us is a unique expression of all these types. As archetypes, each Major Arcana card is presented as a personality complex composed of 'domains,' which are particular mental, emotional, physical, worldly, and spiritual attributes. Major Arcana cards can be read from all these points of views.

Every tarot card has a reverse or negative side. Major Arcana cards are then analysed from these implicit 'unevolved' aspects.


Structure of Tarot

Comprises of 78 cards. There are 22 major Arcana cards – Very strong & meaningful; 40 minor Arcana cards, and  16 Royalty cards, which are split into 4 suits (As Demonstrated Below)






















*Suits disks, Wands, Swords and Pentacles* 


The cards are a tool for the medium to work with on a physic level to give us a accurate reading on Your Past Your Present and Your Future.


Your reading should be directions, that can help you understand yourself, understand the past, the present and the future. This will help you move forward with positive feelings into the future. It’s a direction and can help you, but you MUST take responsibly for your life and your growth.