Your element: Earth


Your ruling planets: Venus


Symbol: The Bull


Your Stone: Emerald


Life Pursuit: Sterility & financial secure


Vibration: Determination




Taurus is the second of the spring signs. Practical, productive and persevering, Taurus has a solidarity and reliability that few can math. You seem to draw strength ad nourishment from the very land itself and your deep love of nature makes you attuned to rhythm of the earth. Ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, you’re certainly a very sexual being and though you may seem placid and composed outwardly, underneath the rhythms of the earth beat strongly.


A creature of habit, you always have permanence on your mind, constantly striving to build material wealth and comfort. You cling to reality, the reality of tangible things that you can touch, see and hold onto. Yet beware that your love of routine and order doesn’t mean that you get bogged down in routine tasks and fail to appreciate anything new and adventurous. Taurus keeps their goals firmly in sight and patiently works in a determined steadfast fashion, one step at a time. Strong and silent for the most part, you are probably the most patient and practical of all and, like your sign the Bull, you stand firmly on the earth, embodying strength and determination.


Taurus is the constellation that governs money. Make sure Taurus, that you are no blinkered by your desire for the best that life can offer in the material sense, for only when you find that inner security will you be truly happy. Of all the signs, your are the most likely to be tempted to overindulge.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. www.angelsinmyear.com  Taurus