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You Are Fabulous :)

May 06, 2020

Hi Gina I think you are a fabulous physic I have just paid for a telephone reading. can’t wait till you call too arrange an appointment then I will ring you xx


Thank You , Joanne  xx.   

Such An Amazing, Wonderful Lady :)

April 23, 2020

Spoke to Gina today such an amazing, wonderful lady. Absolutely
beautiful. Thank you so much I am so happy my Mam’s at peace. You
are a truly wonderful lady. 


Thank You , Joanna  xx.   

Absolutely AMAZING !

April 16, 2020

Thank you so much Gina, that was absolutely AMAZING xxx You blew me away. 


Thanks, Rochelle  xx.   

See This Lovely Lady

April 16, 2020

Been to see this lovely lady today who is one of the most genuine,caring mediums I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you for your lovely amazing reading.  


Heather  xx.   

You Were Spot On ...

April 16, 2020

Sam’s been for his appointment and you were right it was just an infection and no further treatment is needed. He is on antibiotics. You were spot on as always. Thank you Nicola


Thank you Nicola  xx.   

Amazing !

April 12, 2020

Monday 13th April 2020

Thank you for your reading Gina, amazing and for your morale boosting messages. Love to you in bucket loads.


Lots of love  xx.   

I Want To Say Thank You ...

April 09, 2020

I just want to say thank you for the telephone reading it was so nice. Wonderful to hear from my friend and neighbour Gladys I loved her and my Nana and Grandad. 


Lots of love Rach xx.   

You gave me peace of mind xx

February 28, 2020

Hi Gina,


You gave me peace of mind the last time I had a reading -

Thank you so much for everything

 Lesley P xx.   

I have such great news <3 ...

March 27, 2020

Thank you Gina, you are right, this is what I need to do. As you say, be grateful and stay positive, and I will.

Thank you for showing me the right path to life, and bringing such positivity.


Hi Gina, hope you are safe, I have such great news, I got the job and my Visa exactly as you said. It’s like winning the lottery, and you predicted it would be March. So I stay with the positive thinking.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement during this time. Lots of love to you.

Stay Safe.

San francisco California - P xx.   

She is a professional medium <3 ...

March 27, 2020

Just had a telephone reading with Gina and she is absolutely spot on. I've had a few readings over the years and she always guids me onto the right path. She is a professional medium, she makes you feel at ease, and always gives me a positive and uplifting message. I wouldn't go anywhere else... Thanks Gina

With love, M xx.   

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Here are a few other 'genuine' testimonials I have received over the years. Furthermore, I do have the original paperwork, should anyone wish to view them.


“Excellent, would recommend to friends and family, many thanks.”
Sarah Wilkinson


“Excellent very impressed.”
Gemma Taylor


“Gina, Excellent 100%, recommend Gina 100%.”
Marie Taylor


“Best reading I’ve ever had!”
Claire Shanks


“Could not believe it but very good and bubbled though all of it.”
Joanne Smith


“Excellent reading, positive outcome.”
Gillian Haggerston


“I couldn’t believe what I was told, the evening was amazing and she was great.”
Claire Peart


“2 leave known Gina for many years and am amazed. Continually!”
Pauline Meredith


“Gina’s Reading was very good, I would recommend her as she is very experienced and well respected clairvoyant”
Nicola Foster


“The reading was very good and accurate, I enjoyed the experience.”
Maureen Gudgn


“A great reading how does she know so much. Fab very moving”
Julie Hyle


“Been a few times excellent.”
Robin Field


“Brilliant worker very helpful to me lost of compassion, fabulous ”
Susan Edwards


“Been a few times excellent.”
Robin Field


“Spot On with everything Gina said about my family and me.”
Debbie Dixon


“Total great, thank you.”
April Covell


“Thank you so much for your kindness and wise advice.”
Julie Bowman


“Really good, cheered me up being told things are changing for the better and sprit messages accurate.”
Elaine Pearson


“Well worth a visit. A lovely lady very knowledgeable.”
Kate Young


“Always does brilliant accurate readings.”
Jennifer Watson


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