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Wow, Wow, Wow !

6th November 2021

Thank you Gina, this was a WOW, WOW, WOW, reading! You are so natural, loving and caring in the way you work. I feel so happy inside, " content " is the word I'd use. Thank you so much for my reading xx

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You Have Given Me Great Comfort !

27th October 2021

Thank you for your reading today. I am Tara . We spoke about my dad and my ex partner. I was There with my sister and step mam. You have given me great comfort .

XXX Thank you so much.


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Wonderful Evidence !

27th October 2021

Lovely spiritual evening with Gina. Wonderful evidence from spirit.

Anon - 

Gateshead Consecration Spiritualist Church

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A Big Thank You !

27th October 2021

Just like to give a big thank you to Gina Challis for taking our service of mediumship tonight. We had an excellent attendance and everyone enjoyed the service. Gina is a wonder worker for spirit.

Gateshead Consecration Spiritualist Church


The Amazing Gina Challis !

10th October 2021

Hi everybody, just a quick one to let you know we have a special on 27th October with the amazing Gina Challis. We will have a very spiritual evening.

Gateshead Consecration Spiritual Church


I Will Return :)x

3rd October 2021

Thank you for my reading tonight at CLS spiritualist church. You gave me a message from my gran. It was my first time visiting and I will return. Lots of love Tracey xx

Tracey xx

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Truly Amazing !

24nd September 2021

A wonderful night at Dunston Spiritualist Church, with wonderful company and great friends. Gina Challis is by far the best Spiritualist and Medium. Such a warm atmosphere because of the warmth she gives off, and her friendly, funny and relaxed, yet still professional manner. Truly Amazing !

D.C. x x

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Authentic and Comforting !

24nd September 2021

Gina, It has been almost 10 years that you have been doing readings for me. Every reading has been authentic, comforting and always from a place of love and care. Thank you

S. x x


Thank You For My Reading !

14th August 2021

Good Morning Gina, Just want to say thank you for my reading. You truly have made me feel so much better.You have such a wonderful gift. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. XX

P.W.B. x x


I Was Truly Gobsmacked !

10th July 2021

everything she said was amazing she couldnt have known i was truly gobsmacked had me in tears

J.J. x x



8th July 2021

Gina wow! What an amazing lady how she new what she new was outstanding everybody should go and see her.x x

by J.H. Local Guide.. x


Outstanding !!!

6th July 2021

Outstanding, gina your amazing spot on with everything .i'm telling everyone i know about how great you are xxx

M.D.. xx


Lovely Lady XX

4th July 2021

A fantastic reading would highly recommend going to see her she is a lovely lady

S.T.. xx


Amazing Reading !

4th July 2021

Amazing reading, the best I have had!!! Professional from start to finish and worth every penny!!!
Will definitely book again!! Thank you so much!!!

L.K. xx


Thank You :)

2nd July 2021

Amazing, I wasnt sure what to expect from a telephone reading, but it was well worth it! Thank you Gina

by  S.L. x 


Genuine Recommendation

30th June 2021

I had a reading at her place in Newcastle and now that I have moved away I now have phone readings.

Have an A4 pad and pen ready to write down what she tells you. Also before the reading think of any questions that you want answered and write those down at the top.

At the end she will ask you if you have any questions, most will have been answered during the reading but just say "Yes. I have some questions written down here"
The spirits know and can see what you have written down and will answer any unanswered questions.

I do this over the phone now and it is great to get advice from my family and friends who have departed.

by  Julian Beirne the LOCAL GUIDE 


Definately Recommend :)

29th June 2021

Lovely woman, nearly everything hit home with me, names, songs, family, everything. I'm looking forward to taking everything away with me and looking forward to whats to come! Very comforting and alot of questions were answered without me even asking. Definitely recommend!

S.E.C. xx

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Blown Away !

29th June 2021

First time i have had a reading done. Didn't know what to expect, but left feeling so much better about everything and the future. Some of the things Gina said to me were so accurate and i was mind blown with it all. A lovely lady who has helped me take a step forward. Thank you!

K. xx

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Fantastic !

25th June 2021

Absolute fantastic reading. Iv taken so much guidance and reassurance from what you said and I now feel on top of the world. There was so much said that was 100% correct. Thank you so much .
C.H. .x


Thank You !

08th June 2021

I was completely lost until I had a reading with Gina. Everything she said made complete sense and I can't thank her enough. Here's to a much brighter future. Thank you so much for the guidance you gave me.

E.W. xx


You Are Amazing !

05th June 2021

Thank you so much for an amazing reading today, your words were of such comfort to me. You are simply AMAZING. Much love xx

V. xx


A Fantastic Reading !

02nd June 2021

Hi Gina,

Thank you so much for that fantastic reading last night. You have helped us both so much and made us realise the road to recovery is looking good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

C  x

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An Incredible Reading !

27th May 2021

Thank you for that incredible phone reading. Amazed  at how you are so spot on with everything and the messages from my Gran and what she used to say to me nearly made me cry! I feel so happy as you were able to tell me all I needed to know and hear.

XXX Thank you you’re wonderful.XX

G. x


An Amazing Reading !

23rd May 2021

Thank you very much for my amazing reading. It has put me at rest in what is happening to me and beautiful , wonderful messages from my spirit family too and my friends.



Readings To Empower and Guide You !

20th May 2021

Gina has a lovely warm energy that I immediately took to. Unlike others who over egg the pudding, Gina conveys accurately and with integrity the information she is given.

Her readings are there to empower and guide you through your own life with a rainbow of empathy and reassurance.

If you manage to get a booking you will not regret it,

Kathrine xx. 


Absolutely Spot On !

5th May 2021

Lovely reading over the phone with Gina. Absolutely spot on with what’s currently going on in my life and she even mentioned specific names. Blown away by the accuracy. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Gina xx

E.W. xx


Great Reading !

03st May 2021

First reading . Great experience. Gina was very warm, very friendly and very positive. All the things she said to me were correct about myself and very positive for the future ! Will definitely get another one again ! Thank you :)



A Wonderful Experience !

31st April 2021

Gina was lovely to me from start to finish, she gave me amazing insight and such positive energy. Definitely recommend for anyone curious into spirits and readings.

K.F. xx


It Was Amazing!

17th April 2021

Hi Gina, Thank you for my reading, it was amazing, and for connecting me with my family passed over. You spoke to me in a very comforting and caring way, and thank you, my future seems so much brighter



Such A Lovely Experience !

14th April 2021

Such a lovely experience first reading I have had! Makes you feel so relaxed and such a lovely lady! Would highly recommend. Nikki xx

N.C. xx 

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Thank You So Much For The Reading !

12th April 2021

Thank you so much for the reading, It was so wonderful to hear from those in the spiritual world and to reassure me that everything in life will be okay. Thank you.



You Are An Earth Angel !

30th March 2021

Hi Gina, Thanks, I always feel so content after my reading. You help me so so much. Looking forward to the future now. Love and happiness to you. YOU ARE AN EARTH ANGEL !



Your Reading Gave Me Comfort !

22nd March 2021

Thank you Gina from a long standing client. A lovely sensitive and supportive reading. I have had some very tough times in the past and your reading gave me comfort, support and hope when I really needed it. Lovely to know there’s some plain sailing ahead for me and Dave. Thanks again, God bless and hope you continue to recover. XXX



It Was Amazing !

31st March 2021

Just want to say WOW and thank you for my reading. It was amazing and I understood so much. I Loved it when gran and grandad linked with you. I was so close to them. Thank you so much ! xx



My Mum Was So Impressed !

27th March 2021

Thank you so much for my mum’s reading today – she was so pleased with it. It brought her so much comfort. Thank you XX. I am going to go on and book a telephone appointment for me next week if you can do it. My mum was so impressed so I can’t wait! XX


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Such A Nice Lady xx

23rd March 2021

My phone reading today with Gina was lovely. She was spot on about a lot of things and was able to answer my questions before I had even asked her. I would recommend her 100%, such a nice lady so kind ,so caring.



You Are A Wonderful Angel x

23rd March 2021

Thank you so much Gina for my reading today. I have never had a message from my daughter. It was so beautiful that she came through. Your words brought so much comfort to me.

Thank you ,you are a wonderful angel.

A.  x


A very Talented Lady !

05th Jan 2021

Gina is a wonderful person with an amazing talent. She is very empathetic and very accurate in her readings. She is a true earth angel and I feel very privileged to know her.

F.S.S. xx


Can't recommend her enough !

16th Dec 2020

I have had readings from Gina for over 20 years, cant recommend her enough.

E xx