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Super Black Moon in Leo on July 31st:

Powerful Energies Coming Your Way

The super black moon in Leo is just around the corner, on July 31. As the chaotic energies become extinct, the new moon will bring a time of peace and clarity. With this taking place in Leo, it is a wonderful time to let out your loudest roar. If you have been unable to express yourself, now is the time to shine. While the eclipses raised us, and the setbacks have transformed us, now is the time to show our true self to the world before us.

Welcome to "Angels In My Ear"

with Gina Challis

International Medium, Psychic,

Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader.

Time is just a veil that separates us, from our own level of understanding, and those levels that lie beyond us. Occasionally, with the help of others, we are able to establish a contact or a link between our earthly realm, and those places that lie beyond our daily vision and comprehension. This is so we may ease our personal feelings of loss and pain, gaining insight to our future paths.


This access of knowledge, is at times, fleeting, but it is always there - If we have courage, the belief and the open heartedness to believe it. I cannot as a psychic medium, provide all the answers, but can with spirit, help you to reach those places, where you will find them.


I am a qualified psychic and spiritual medium, who uses intuition to offer guidance to all my clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction, to face the challenges that may lie ahead of them.


When you schedule your psychic reading with me, you will participate in your reading that covers the aspects of your life, where you feel you need the most guidance.

Protection from negative energy ~ Guided sleep meditation

Guided sleep meditation to help you harness your own natural stillness and inner wisdom to create protection to shield you from external negative energy. Relax and enjoy xx

Psychic Protection with Archangel Michael Meditation

This meditation is a powerful energy clearing to remove any form of psychic attack or toxic energetic debris from your life and shield you from all negativity. This meditation is the perfect tool for you if: • You feel drained, upset, or fearful in any way as a result of a toxic relationship, situation, or environment. • You have been worrying over the safety, health or well-being of a loved one. • You have been experiencing fear as the result of negative supernatural entities, energies, or presences in your life, home, or dream time. This meditation calls upon the support of the most powerful protector and divine warrior for peace in the world, Archangel Michael. Michael is the Archangel whose divine purpose is to eradicate all forms of fear and negativity from the Earth for good. He is the strongest, most effective and foolproof form of spiritual protection there is. Michael is a universal, non-religious spiritual guide who helps anyone and everyone who need him. Call upon him often and ask him to walk by your side through every step of your life's journey. This meditation works additionally for space clearing. Play this meditation in any space or environment whose vibration you wish to uplift, and it will act as a psychic bug bomb to clear out any and all forms of negativity. Please know that you never have to live with fear or abuse of any kind. Ask Archangel Michael to guide you towards any action steps you need to take to live a safe and healthy life. Repeat this meditation and share it with loved ones as often as you need to return to your god-given state of peace, health, clarity, and freedom from all fear. All of my Love and Blessings

Tarot Readings

by Gina Challis. International Medium.

A Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are used for physic readings. Through practice and meditation we can all learn to read the Tarot.

Tarot is 21 major cards the Fool is O
The fool will help us to move into the Tarot, and I would use him to help us understand your cards. Each picture in theTarot pack, is very meaningful and you must be prepared to look into each card and let the card talk to you through visualisation.

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