Your element: Earth


Your ruling planets: Mercury


Symbol: The Virgin


Your Stone: Sapphire


Life Pursuit: To do the right thing


Vibration: Compassionate




The Virgo has a methodical and analytical mind. They are excellent conversationalists, and their inquiring mind makes them excellent students. They are well dressed and slight of figure, and pride themselves on their meticulous nature. Their exacting minds demand order and harmony. They are of a serious nature and are hard-working and opinionated to a fault.


They are perfectionists, and cannot relax too readily to enjoy socializing. They dislike pain or suffering, and are sympathetic to the needs of one who is ill. Their habits are as methodical as their minds, and will not deviate from his route even if he’s on vacation. If he goes to sleep or arises at certain times, you’ll find him doing the same away from home. Their analytical minds make them excellent business consultants, for they can forecast the new market conditions.


The Virgo is undemonstrative when it comes to love, and doesn’t display his affections excessively. His financial needs are such that he handles his money prudently and will always have funds in reserve. They have an inner fear of being dependent on anyone, therefore they tend to hoard their cash for their old age. He hates waste of any kind, and extravagance shocks him into criticizing. His is over critical of himself even through he cannot accept any fault finding from anyone else. He knows his flaws, and imperfections, but he’ll deny them if brought upright. He enjoys serving people rather than accepting favours from others, because he doesn’t want to feel indebted.


The small pets are things they enjoy taking care of because of their dependency. They visualize new success with an endeavour that might have fallen short of its promise a work harder towards a goal of success. Their ability to digest knowledge makes them good lawyers, excellent professors, writers or editors. There is a gentle side ad considerate side to Virgo because he’s aware of your needs. They are not boisterous at gatherings and tend to be a loner in a crowd. Varity may rear its ugly head, just as his ego, but this keeps him alert and drives him farther up the road of success.

Gina Challis. International Medium, Psychic, Tarot Consultant & Angel Reader. Virgo