An Insight Into Your Tarot And Angel Cards

I would like to give you a little awareness into how to read your Tarot cards and Angel Cards.

Opening and clearing the cards

Unwrap the cards and lightly tap them to release any needed energy. Each time you use them clear them. You can say 'My cards are protected and the energy is clear'.

Meeting and greeting the cards

Greet each card of your new pack.

It's like saying hello and honouring the relationship with each card.

Each card has a personality, so smile and send your love and gratitude to each one for their guidance and support.

Now you're ready to connect.

Hold the cards in your hand and ask to connect with the Archangel or Ascended master you wish to guide you or your own guide if you know them by saying "It is my desire to invite and invoke ............... to guide me with their wisdom please". I always say please and thank you.

Now ask your question or ask to simply be sent guidance. You can request out loud or mentally request.

Now prepare to deal out your cards. It is your choice whether you shuffle the cards or not.

Mentally tell your angels the spread you wish to use and allow them to guide you with the rest.

How to layout the cards

You will feel through intuition which cards to draw. Trust it!!