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LIBRA - (23 Sept - 23 Oct)

LIBRA 23 Sept 23 Oct

Best days for :

Love - 18th Oct / Money - 24th Oct / Work 2nd Oct

The majority of signs are going through what you experience this month, but you are going to find events much more upfront and personal.

What will make you feel happy is the realisation and acceptance that dealing with people from an honest viewpoint does make a real difference putting you in a far better light. Your thoughts may have been ignored or discounted in the past but now your opinion is the one that people look to.

LIBRA - this month

Of the two new moons in October, the first is on the 1st and it is in Libra! It is all going to be about harmony in relationships. Before the full moon mid-month you have the chance to ease any pressure - think about a situation to which you may not have been paying quite as much attention as you ought to have been. The second new moon comes along on the 30th and something, which may have been hidden or ignored surfaces.

Saturn and Neptune continue to contrast wishful ambitions against the cold light of day and you have to reconcile the “wished for” against the achievable. Dreams may come true, but they have to be balanced against reality and timing. Saturn is the time lord and he implies that great ideals need firm footings in reality.

From the 7th to the 24th Mercury is apparent in Libra and Venus hangs around in Scorpio until mid month before moving into Sagittarius. This implies that flirting and seemingly inconsequential glances may bring about a connection that will last for many years. If this does not come to pass, then the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn sees the collapse of arrangements or relationships that no longer work come to their end, making way for a far better circumstance.

The Year ahead

Jupiter is in your sign for almost the entire year so you are in what many consider to be the most fortunate 12 year cycle. Lucky? So they say, but sometimes you have to make your own luck.

Luck is something you create out of circumstance. If you are looking to be lucky in love then you need to socialise, if it is luck in the workplace that you seek then you need to view job opportunities and networking. The luck is there but you need to focus it.

Perhaps a better way of thinking of Jupiter is as a provider of opportunity and chance, so it is a good time to ask for that seemingly impossible date or just to take a chance on a lottery ticket!

You will want to be stretching yourself intellectually and perhaps you should parlay your luck into a new job or a new role at work or perhaps even just pursue a new pastime. Saturn will not be around again anytime soon so make the most of him.

Affairs of the heart will not be at the top of the tree this year, but if you are looking for that long term relationship then Uranus ensures that he or she will be glaringly obvious.

There is a hint of family upheaval or perhaps a move. It might not happen this year but it is imminent and may be the predominant feature of 2017.

Finances - it is the usual story, rein yourself in, Sometimes your time and company are greater gifts to others than the exercise of your plastic.

Your most important month is March, planetary power moves into your upper chart and it is now the time to pursue your professional dreams. Although the major influences are in the lower part of your chart you can overcome this negativity with the help of those close to you.

If you are looking for somewhere new to live or financial assistance then the 3rd through to the 11th is the time to act. This is when you should see the results of past endeavours.

Romance appears around the 20th if you are seeking it, if not, then this is a time when your, sometimes hidden, fun loving side is at its most demonstrative.

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